Monday, December 13, 2010

Life Changes

I'm not talking about menopause, although there are days!

Most everyone I know, knows I have been a stay at home Mom for 19 years. In those 19 years I have dabbled in daycare and apartment management. Both these job choices where made because I could still be home with my kids and bring a few extra bucks in to the house. Neither job was long lived, I did try both more then once :-). Daycare was too stressful for me, my husband asked me to finally give it up. He basically said daycare made me to crabby, and asked me to stop because it made family life hell.  The only time this was not true was when I watching my nephew for 2.5 years, we both had lots of fun with that!

I have volunteered for the school district since my boys started school. That has been fun and I have learned a lot over the years working with kids and parents. I have decided it is time to move on, I told the school I am retiring at the end of this year. They will miss me but understand its time.

I have tried to get jobs here and there now that my boys don't need me the way they use to. The biggest problem I'm facing is I don't have any schooling in the last 22 years. I have lots of on the job skills ( unpaid jobs), but so many people are out of work they are hiring those that have degree's for jobs I normally would qualify for. In fact I keep here I met the requirements for the job  but they found someone else with more training.

With my husband facing the loss of his job. We both have talked about going back to school, I have already submitted my application and was accepted so now I just need to get in and take my placement test to see just how much I have forgotten over the years LOL  I'm not worried about reading and writing but my math skills have done ran away!

Should be interesting as one child is at this school, my other child is going to start his first 2 years at this school and I will be going. My husband will be going there too if he doesn't find another job soon after his lay off date or before.

This is the first step in to my Second Life! I'm going to reinvent my self, I have been Mom first and Wife second and me last now I'm going to be Me first and Wife second and mom when needed :-)

Follow along and see what kind of trouble I can get my self in to!


  1. Right there with you - can't wait to see where you end up! :) You're gonna rock it!
    My math scored at %46 - if that makes ya feel any better... lol. Writing was 99% and reading was %94... I have a lot of math to catch up on. I start January 3rd - when do you start?

  2. Thanks Gals!!!

    Leigh, Not sure yet, I would love to start next term, but I still have wrestling going on.. and I have not taken my placement test. So I will most likely start in the fall. Seems so far away! uGGGGGG

    I should do FSFA now and see what I would get for next term :-) and get it all done this week. OY!