Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pushing Ourselves Past Our Comfort Zone

My hands are slick with perspiration. wiping them on the thighs of my pants is not helping. I chant to my self "I can do this, I can do this". My heart is beating so hard it feels like it is fighting its way out of my ribcage. I look over at my navigator and ask him "should we do this or not?" His answer is exactly what I expected it would be even as I hoped it would be different. He answered "YES"  as a  huge smile spread across his face.

I have people waiting in line behind me. I have to do this now or go around. On a deep inhale of breath and a death grip on my steering wheel I slowly let the clutch out as I start  the dirt track leading to the trail going up the side of a hill.  I thought my heart was beating as hard as it could before, BOY was I wrong! It can beat harder. I'm surprised I don't have bruises on my chest from it. As my front tires touch the first ascent of the hill I feel the push of adrenalin through my body. OH yes adrenalin is my friend, I can do anything with this drug rushing through my veins. WOOHOOO I am doing this! I am driving up a hill on a narrow dirt, rock and rut filled trail. No pavement in this place.

If you look straight out the windshield all you can see is tree tops and the cloud spotted blue sky. I can't explain what it felt like to see this view for the first time. It is awe inspiring to say the least and a bit disconcerting to see a view that doesn't include a road. I have to pull my self forward using the steering wheel and look down a bit to see the spot I'm going to drive over next.

Looking ahead I can see the Jeep ahead of me, and in my review mirror I can see the Jeep coming up behind me. I wonder do they feel the same things I am? Is this out of their comfort zone? For me Driving my Jeep Wrangler up a dirt path that disappears in to the tree's half way up a steep hill is way out side my comfort. zone.  I'm terrified of heights, but I pushed my self to do something I never would have done by myself. I found out I really enjoyed myself on this group outing. I also discovered I really didn't need to be so nervous.

I had this same exact feeling when I went back to school. The first day I was so nervous. My palms where sweaty and my heart was pounding in my chest. Again I found I really didn't need to be so nervous. I have really enjoyed going back to school. If I had not pushed my self through my anxiety over these situations I would have missed out on some great fun, and missed out on meeting some great  friends.

Not my Jeep
What have you done lately to push yourself out of your comfort zone and found you liked what you found?


  1. I just love you. You always amaze me - you're awesome!
    <3 Leigh

  2. I have to say I had a coupe "pucker" moments yesterday LOL but so worth it!