Saturday, October 1, 2011

Must Sleep With Notebook! Yawn

     I have a short essay do on Monday. I have not really put much thought in to it. The ideas are just kind of rolling around in the back of my head.

     It is now 1:30 am Saturday morning I'm done with the other home work I needed to finish. I go to bed because I can no longer keep my eye lids open. I snuggle down in to my nice soft warm bed. I pull my blanket up to my chin, breath a sigh of contentment and start to drift off in to the place between wake and sleep. A blissful place of no worries and no stress. A deep dark black nothing.

     Just as I reach my little black bliss BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! my head explodes with my essay. Words are swimming around in my head bouncing off my mostly empty cranium. The words start forming an introduction paragraph. My eyes fly open and I sit straight up. I KNOW from experience If I don't get this down on paper I will forget before morning.  I toss my nice warm covers off and run half naked to the living room. Hoping all the while my son stays in his room! I grab my note book and run back to bed.

     Ahhhh The words start flowing from my head to my hand. I'm writing as fast as I can. Trying to keep up with the flow of words that have stopped bouncing around and are forming complete thoughts. Well as complete as ones brain can be at 1:30 am after a day of school work. Now the hard part! Trying to read my awful handwriting LOL yep I have chicken scratch for handwriting and have a hard time reading it myself.

     So far this is how all my essays start out. My eyes flying open and rushing to get my thoughts down on paper. I try to be prepared when I know I have a paper to write, but once in a while I get caught off guard with out my trusty notebook. I should just make it a habit to take it to bed every night even when I'm not working on a paper. That would mean I would have to be more organized and well that may just never happen :-)

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  1. I think you should turn this one in!! I enjoyed reading it and had to laugh..