Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catching up

Wow it has been a while since I have posted on this blog. Guess I better do some explaining and catching up.

It is Spring term WOOHOO day two and I'm on task HAHA! Last term was a struggle for me to keep up. I just was not feeling it like I normally do. I enjoyed both my classes so that was not it. I took a wilderness Lit class. It was the test class while the instructor went through the process of getting it accepted as an actual Literature class. He is very excited that he was able to get the class approved so it can now be taught at any PCC campus.

I had never taken a lit class before only writing classes. WOW I love to read but having to read specific books that are not normally in the genre you read was tough to say the least. A couple of the books were a real struggle to get all the way through. Even with the struggle of reading the teacher was so enthusiastic it still made class fun. We went on a couple nature hikes and part of our grade was based on a field report where we went out in to the wilderness and wrote about what we did. A few times we got up in the middle of class to go outside and look at the sky or birds. Never had a teacher do that before :-).

This term I'm taking a full load.  Psy 101, Introduction to Web Design, and History 102.  The history teacher is a hoot! She makes you laugh all the time and make history interesting!  I'm excited about the Web design class. I get to blend my artsy side with my love of computers and be creative. It's win win. I'm also excited I get to put those skills I learn toward my new adventure. :-)

Part of why I have been so inactive on this blog is I have started a Facebook page and a blog that is associated with the Facebook page. It's about Dave and my adventures. I call it Adventures of a 4 Wheeling Mom.  I have done a few interviews on it with more out with people. Not only do I want to share our adventures, but I want to also keep discussions about safety and trail ethics going on. If you haven't seen them check them out.
The Facebook Page can be found here

Adventures of a 4 Wheeling Mom blog can be found here

OH and over spring break we took over the oldest boys old room! We now have an office/ study area! 

See you in cyber space! 

Have a great week

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It Might Not be a Good Idea......

It might not be a good idea to dye your hair when you have not slept in like oh 32 hours.  It might not be a good idea to blog either but we will see ;-)

1) You get as much dye on your face, neck and shoulders as you do your hair.
2) Hanging your head over the bath tub for several minutes  rinsing and then standing up makes you  feel  not so well.
3) When blow drying your hair you think it is a good idea to turn the water on with the cord  of the blow dryer laying across the top of the sink. You do this to rinse the comb out you used to sped the dye. Oh and you have the blow dryer on in one hand while doing the rinsing with the other.

Thank goodness the vacuuming before the dying went much better. Well once I figure out the power to the brush was turned off!

Back to watching mind numbing TV before I hurt myself or others!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decompressing From Finals

My Brain on Finals

Close your eyes and imagine holding a 2 liter of pop. Taking your right hand you slowly turn the cap until you here POP! hisssssssssss and the ridged bottle become pliant in your hands. Yep that's me decompressing from this Term!   WOOHOOO my last final turned in!

Writing 122  was all about arguments.  The whole term was designed to lead up to a 8 to 10 page proposal worth half our grade. I'm really confident in my paper all the way up to the conclusion LOL  I struggled and struggled with it. I even told my teacher she had to stop reading at the colunclusion heading :-) Good thing she has a good sense  of humor .

We will see what happens by end of next week. I'm hoping for another A but will be happy with a B. 

Now I get to spend the next 3 weeks catching up on all the house hold stuff I let go during the last 12 weeks. Sigh 

OK maybe I will start that to-do list after I fry my brain on some un-educational tv :-) 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Does It Need To Be Fun?

Author Betsy Horvath wrote an awesome blog about writing. She talks about Passion, Intensity, Importance, and Gratification

I think it is a good read even if you are not a writer. It can apply to any thing you do in life.

Check it out here Does It Need To Be Fun?