Saturday, December 18, 2010

Officially a School girl again

I decided to jump in with both feet and do the testing ASAP so I could get started in January. No need to put it off now that I had decided to go back to school. Due to my schedule I had to wait until Thursday.

I decided Wednesday night I should go to bed early so I could get a good nights sleep. I went to bed at a reasonable time. Then laid there until about 1 am or so, I then tossed and turned all night waking every half an hour or so. Guess I was not as relaxed as I thought I was HEHEHE.  Got up had a good breakfast of left over pizza so I would not have to worry about getting hungry during the test.  Back on an even keel feeling good about my self not being overly nervous I head out to the College.  As I'm letting my truck warm up I go through all the papers I have printed out making sure I have not forgotten anything.  I decided to turn my phone to silent so I don't have to worry about it going off while testing. I get on the road, listing to a little rock and roll, I get stopped at a red light and all of a sudden I think about my phone and think maybe I should have turned it off. Then BAM the nerves hit and I get butterfly's in my tummy! LOL

I get my self calmed down and make it there. I figure I'm in for a long long day. I get in to test almost right away, then they send me to another building for orientation, back to the first building for Advising, and back to the other building for registering for my classes.  Jesse told me I went to school I would loose weight from all the walking LOL I think he is right! I made it in and out in less then 3 hours! I have spent longer there doing just one thing for my oldest.

So I start back On Jan 3rd. I'm starting with kindergarten math like I predicted LOL and Writing  115 Figure I will start back part time and see how that goes.

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  1. I am so very proud of you, May the journey into your second half of life be as rewarding as the fist.

    Love you