Friday, January 7, 2011

Wow it's a new year and my second life is in full swing!!
Week one of school done. So far I'm really enjoying my self. My youngest pointed out to me a while ago that I'm always happiest with what I'm doing while I'm learning. Well where else could I learn for ever and stay happy?? School lol

I'm loving the fact I'm not the oldest person in either of my classes lol. I am also happy to report I like both of my instructors thank goodness.

I just finished my rough draft of my fist essay. I hope I can stretch the 5 hand written pages into 2 to 3 pages typed. I have not hand written that much in years!!!! But I know how my brain works, if I can't think up something while wide awake as I start to drifft off to sleep my brain will start in to over drive on what ever. So as soon as I was done going over my times tables in my head it cleared and my essay started to form. I had already written my thiesis statement and jotted down my main ideas I just hadn't sat down and filled in the blanks. Woohooo that is done. I will type it up tomorrow and I'm sure revise it some then. On Monday we have peer review of our rough drafts. Then we have to make an apointment in the writing center for them to reviw it with us. The teacher want use to learn about all the resorces available to us.

Sorry if this is a bit rambley lol but it's way past my bed time but I wanted to check in. And if you find weird words it's the auto correct on my phone lol