Saturday, January 8, 2011

A day out with my man for our 18th Anv.

Home from my day with my man! 

We lazed around in the am, OK I played games on the computer and he snoozed LOL  Then we headed out. We stopped at UPS to send a very small package. They wanted $12.65 to send it ground WTH? so I asked if they did USPS mailing there too oh sure that was $12.35 again WTH? I  told him no thanks I can go to the post office and pay $4.95 OY!  Sorry Molly I have taken so long to mail it! 

Next was a stop at the SO to pick up some supplies for my clients. Then we went to Fashion bug so I could spend my GC from Christmas.  I have the hardest time getting jeans to fit. If they fit in the legs they are to tight other places, I get them to fit me in the other places and you could fit 3 of my legs in one of the jean legs oy! and it is so hard to find straight leg jeans and jeans that go all they way to your waist! Low rise jeans and I do not look good together!  

After I was done clothes shopping we headed to GoGo burgers YUMMYYY! I tried their Cesare salad with grilled chicken this time. It was so big I could not finish it! that will be high on my list of menu items there from now on! nest time I want try the chicken burger. 

We had an hour and 45 minutes to kill so we went and pre-purchased our tickets for Tron Legacy, David then took me to Target and told me to pick out the programmable coffee pot I want for our anniversary... Now I can have hot water waiting for me when I get of the shower for my morning cup of tea!  although I did check out the electric tea kettles there are some really nice ones, but non of them where programmable.... 

Tron was pretty good MAN it has been years since i have seen a 3D movie! they have really made some great advances since the last time I went. No more blue and Red glasses!  I actually jumped a couple of times LOL as things flew out of the screen, one was in a commercial for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. If it was not so bloody expensive I think I would like to see more 3d movies LOL  Only reason we went this time was our Son and his gal got us GC for the movie, thanks guys! 

Ok off to relax a bit now.
Chat to  you all later. 

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful day, you were missed with all us gals but understand your choice to be with your "Man".