Monday, January 10, 2011

First Essay

Today the rough draft or my first essay was due. We did peer editing in class today for all the good it did.
I got no feed back at all, just what that was a great essay. Gee thanks guys, how am I suppose to revise my essay if I don't get any feedback.

Our instructor required that we visit the writing center for this first essay. So I went up to make an appointment. Lucky me they had an open spot this morning while I was still at the school.

I knew punctuation would be an issue. Yep sure enough LOL I way over used comma's so the tutor explained it to me very well and drew me an explanation no when to use a comma and when not to. We discussed removing a couple paragraphs that where about the topic but didn't flow well with the bulk of the paper.

I have to turn in my final draft on Wednesday. Yep the 4th day of class, and only the second week of the term. Levi's is not due until the 5th week. Jesse was even shocked it was so soon LOL. I'm trying to tell my self that it is good she is hard and gives lots of work. That means I will get more out of the class and learn more :-) 

Guess I better go to bed so I can actually drag my butt out of bed in the am, why the heck did I pick early classes LOL

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