Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thinking yes that is what you smell burning!

     Many of you know I have been battling depression pretty hard the last few years.  It's so frustrating!
I have found in the last 3 weeks being at school, I have more energy feel better about myself and over all much happier with my self! Man if I knew going to school would make me feel better I would have done it years ago! LOL

     I love my job with the wrestling team but I sure can't wait for the season to be over. My Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are soooooooooooo busy! I will be cutting back on some of my volunteer duties this year. So I can take that time for school and not stress about getting all of it in a day.  I have already told the school and the wrestling team I will retire at the end of this season. I have been volunteering at the middle school for 6 years and for the team for 5. I very excited to keep moving forward with my life.  I'm sure life will be different with adult children.

     I keep thinking about all these things I want to blog about when I'm away from the computer. I may have to start carrying a note book for jotting down my ideas. I use to do that when I blogged daily years ago. I always seem to have these thoughts, Idea's and adventures I want to share. Me being me can't remember them for more then 2 minutes. So then my blog gets to stay empty LOL ..

Ok off to do some dishes, then read the correct chapter! hahaha Yep thats right I read the wrong chapter in my writing book. I just thought I was about done with home work lol

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  1. First of all YAY that you are feeling better :) Very happy to hear that!!! Second of all I do the exact same thing when it comes to blogging lol I have ideas all day long then i sit in front of my computer and poof they are all gone lol