Monday, September 26, 2011

What a day!

First day of school for my family and a few adult friends of mine. All went pretty well I think.

Dave did an errand for a friend, then headed off to school. Only took him 45 minutes to find parking that was a 15 minute walk from class LOL I on the other hand only took 30 minutes to find parking 2 spots from my by building. Granted the class was at the opposite end of the building LOL.  Parking is a bit of an issue for PCC.  When I have early morning classes it's not an issue as I always get there supper early. This term the teacher I wanted for the class i'm taking is a mid day class. This time of day is a nasty time to try and find parking.  From now on i'm not even going to try and find parking somewhat close! I'm just going to the farthest lot and call it good. I can use the extra walk for PE credit LOL

After I got out of class I headed out to pick Levi up from work. My Jeep started making a LOUD pop when I turned and then there rear felt like it skipped to the opposite side as the turn.  I had no idea what it was.
It did one more BIG pop skip and a couple quite ones. I got to Levi's work and look under the Jeep and didn't really see anything out of place or that looked wrong. I told him about the noise. I was fully prepared for something to happen as we drove home and  NOTHING! It could not make it do the noise. THEN!! About half way home it happen! I started to turn at a 3 way stop and it did it. It popped but it added a new twist to the game! There was a grinding noise now too.  I stopped and did my best to get out of traffic.
After pulling over and getting the idiot behind me to finally go around me ( he threw a little fit. Really? its not like I purposely chose the middle of an intersection to have car trouble sheesh! ) Levi got out to look around and could not find anything broken or fallen off.

We decide to go ahead and try and make it home. As soon as we started to turn it made that awful noise again,  POP the car jerks and then the grinding noise starts again. OY!!!  We decided I will turn my 4 ways on and try and make it to the 7-11 down the road.  halfway to 7-11 the Jeep starts making this metal on metal grinding sounds, it feels funny to drive. We limp to 7-11 and call the shop and get their address so I can call a tow truck. sigh!

Got her to the shop and they take a look at her and listen to my story. By the time I get home well ok I was home about 10 minutes and I received this photo and am told my spider gears are toast.

So I guess she will be getting a new set. 

At least everyone had a good first day of school LOL 
We won't talk about David's issue with saving his home work and the computer eating it shhhhhhhhhhh

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