Saturday, October 22, 2011

If it's Not One Thing it's Another

This week the YJ's ( for those of you that don't know a YJ is a jeep wrangler between the years of 1985 through 1995) speedometer stopped working.  Then when he came to a stop the RPM's would drop to about 200 yes that is 200 not 2k not cool. Dave tore in to it this weekend with the idea it maybe the speedometer gears. Sure enough the gears where chewed to crud. Yes I cleaned up the technical mechanic language there. Don't want to offend delicate ears. :-)
Dave ordered the part at the rate of highway robbery. OY!  He went out to put the thing back together and comes right back in with a new part in his hands. SIGH! He calls around to get prices on this part. The distance sensor. It is the part that the speedometer plugs in to.  It has a plug on one end and a
 un-removable nut on the other end. The nut broke in half. The dealer wants twice highway robbery for this part. OY! Not to mention it is on back order by 1.5 week.  I'm so glad my Tj ( wrangler years 1997 through 2006) is under warranty! When crud breaks I can get it fixed cheap! for $0 if I do it at the dealer I bought if  from :-)

I told Dave just to JB weld it for now! :-) LOL So off to Ace hardware he goes :-) Cross your fingers that it will hold for now.


  1. Ouch! Fingers crossed here. Glad you cleaned up the language for us delicate souls, LOL. :)

  2. Thanks Shirley. We where able to find both parts but now it's a waiting game for the delivery trucks LOL Oh and thanks to a very nice man on a Jeep forum I was able to get the twice highway robbery price down to just high way robbery :-)