Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fall 2011 Term

All registered for fall term. I'm Taking writing 122 ( persuasive writing), a web based health and fitness class and a first aid/emergency care class. The first aid class is just a 2 day course but rounded my total credits to 8.

I'm excited my favorite writing teacher is teaching WR 122 and I was able to get in to her class. I'm taking a break from math this term.  I need to go in and talk to my adviser about my major. I'm thinking about changing it.   Math is not longer fun for me LOL like it was in High school. and I still have umm like 8 terms of it left to get my Business Management degree.  I would much rather find something I would enjoy more so school stays fun.

Still have a month and a half before school starts. I'm sure I can get plenty of adventures in before then!
View of the trail we took Saturday morning on our way up to a work party at Browns camp.

This is Ruby she is so adorable I just had to share her LOL she belongs to a business owner we met recently.

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