Thursday, August 11, 2011

Driving Mr. Doris

Yep that's right I used a big fat cliche for my title :-) Get over it LOL

One of the scariest things I have done as a parent is to help teach my boys to drive.  I am a wee bit more relaxed the second time around but not completely!

     In my notes I stated if I survive this driving lesson I will post my story. Well I must have survived as I am now typing the story out from the comfort of my recliner not from some cloud in the sky.

Wavy lines and funky music play as we transcend through my brain to the memory banks of last weekend. 

     I have gathered around me a laptop, smartphone, kindle, and an Ipod. Why you may ask do I have all this technology tucked around me?  Well am a back seat passenger to my sons first ever freeway driving lesson. I have this stuff for 2 reasons 1) so I won't be a back seat driver to my husbands front seat instructions. 2) So I won't have a panic attack in a moving vehicle with a novice driver behind the wheel. I'm not saying my son is a bad driver just that I'm a bad passenger.

     We have made it on to the freeway in one peace. We have hit rush hour traffic. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing.  We may never make it to the speed limit. That could be good! BUT on the other hand my son has to contend with aggressive angry drivers. hmmmm maybe I should turn my Ipod up louder.
We have made it to the speed limit. My heart is pounding. I'm not sure if it is from excitement we made it to the speed limit or from fear we made it to the speed limit. I think it is time for me to delve in to my own little world. Murder, mystery and love here I come!!!

     The car is slowing down dare I look up?  Oh maybe I should have left my head down and my mind in my other world. We are merging from one freeway to another. Did I mention it is rush hour? OH DEAR!
WOOHOOOO Freeway change #2 went very smoothly ( I must have missed #1) . We are alive with no dings or dents. We made it back up to freeway speeds. I am free to go back to my little world with out worry.

     So far in my little world the kidnap victim has been found alive, and love has bloomed for 2 couples. They are on the trail of the kidnappers.  OH I feel speed changed I'm being torn from my little world.

     Freeway Transition #3 the smoothest of them all so far. We are far enough out of the city now that traffic has thinned to almost nothing. Back to my own little world.

     We are getting off the freeway now to get gas. We chose the small town of Corbet.  It's about a 2 mile drive from the freeway.  Only one gas pump ( pump not stations)  in the whole town and it is from the 60's or 70's heheheh  We had to wait for store customers to leave so we could pull up to it as they were parked in front of it. I'm sure they didn't think it really worked. All filled and headed back down the hill to the freeway.

     We have  been back on the freeway for about 5 minutes. Traffic is slowing so I look up from my world and see a black smoke plume rising from the other side of a curve.  We are at a complete stand still  now. Oh here comes a fire truck. Now a water tender comes through. Oh 2 cop cars, and now 2 Fire officials.
OH wow k-9 and 2 more cops.  Must be something big happening up there.

    Yep big it is! A mini van caught fire on the freeway and is a complete loss.

There appears to be 2 people were in the van. They had luggage on the side of the road. I hope they where able to get all their stuff out. They have one lane open now so we can continue on. 

      We  made it to the end of our trip at the Bonneville dam fish hatchery.  After getting out of the car I realized the trip was not near as scary as I had feared it would be.  My boy did an awesome job for his first time on the freeway and driving at speeds above 45 mph. Dealing with rush hour as wells as a traffic jam. 

     Wavy lines and funky music play as we come back from my memory banks. 

Driving home was not near as exciting nor as scary :-) 

Hope you have enjoyed my little walk down memory lane. As a parent I have to laugh at life or I would be curled up in a ball in the corner of the bedroom sucking my thumb and crying for my mommy! I made it through the oldest learning to drive by pushing most of it off on my husbands hehehe.Wait I'm doing that with the youngest too.. I'm smarter then I thought!

See you on the flip side


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