Monday, November 21, 2011

Animal Lovers Guilt

     I was at a Bazaar on Saturday held in a school. Next to the school is a home with a few acres and a few horses. I love animals and especially horses. Me being me I start ticking and clicking my tongue as well as making smooching noises to the beast in the field.  He raises his head and listens to me talking in my best baby talk. He cocks his head to the right and perks his ears up.  I figured he was trying to look at me through the slats in the fence.
    He walks a bit closer to me and I notice his left eye doesn't look normal. I realize he has no eye on the left side.  OH ok so that is why he cocked his head to the left, so he could see me with his one eye. He starts walking toward me. I'm still talking in my best animal baby talk as well as  ticking and clicking with my tongue.
     SMACK!! right in to the fence with his nose! He stops and yanks his head back a bit and then cocks his head while moving his ears for a better listen. OH MY GOODNESS! This is when I notice the poor fellow has no eye on the right side either.  Yep the horse is blind. Both eye sockets are healed over with skin.  No eye lids or lashes. My Heart sank! I felt bad for him, and I felt awful for calling him over and making him hit the fence.
     I have heard of blind horses, but I have never seen one in person before. I have never seen an animal with no eye lids or lashes either. I have seen animals that have had eyes removed, but for the most part the eye lids are sewn closed. It was rather creepy looking.
     After all that, the fence was to high for me to reach over and give him affection. :-(  and him being blind he didn't know to lift his head up so I could reach his nose. I felt so guilty calling him over and then him running right in to the fence. After all that I could not even touch him. It has been 2 days and I still feel guilty LOL OY!
     I know I need to just let it go :-)  I'm sure he has lived a long and happy life and one smack of the face into the fence is not going to take that all away from him.



  1. Oh no, that is so, so sad. I feel your pain and long to visit him and cut the fence down to size so you can hand him apples and carrots and give him the affection he deserves. :(

  2. Thanks Shirley.

    I'm guessing the fence is that tall because of the grade school. 5 to 10 years olds have great love for animals but not always animal smart.