Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living My Worst Nightmare

     Every since I was in high school I have the occasional nightmares. They are  about not remembering my locker combination, or not being able to find my class room. In my waking world these two things are not that big of a fear. I know how to rectify the issue if they did happen. I would know who and where to go to get in my locker or get directions. 

     I am a very punctual person. If I'm not 10 to 20 minutes early I feel rushed and late. Being somewhere exactly on time is an anxiety trigger for me. Ask my family. :-) They will verify my antsy crabby pre-travel aggitation when I have to wait for any member of my family that is not ready the minute I'm ready to walk out the door.  It is not a pretty sight to behold! If we are running behind schedule... well you really don't want to know. 

10:00 a.m. this morning  11/17/2011

     I shoot straight up in bed. I was yelling a  word that shall remain nameless.  I start chanting something to the effect of crap crap crap. I jump out of bed and run for the computer to check my email for the time and location of the place I need to be this morning. Crap! Crap! Crap! The details of the email confirm my worst fear. I am exactly one hour late for my commitment. Double CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

10:30 am this morning 11/17/2011

I get to my post and perform my duties and have a great time doing so. I  apologized  no less than 200 times to my supervisor. It took me 20 minutes to get ready, get dressed, and get to my location that is about a 20 minute drive in medium traffic LOL  AND I didn't break one law getting there!

     Being late for something that I have committed too Ok truthfully being late for anything drives me up the wall. When going to work I like to be early for several reasons.  For me it shows respect to my supervisors and employer. I have committed to something and my word that I will be there to do my job on time is a huge deal. It is part of my integrity. I also like to spend a few minutes transitioning between non work related life to work life.

     I don't think I have ever been that late to anything!  I totally spaced off this commitment. I stayed up late watching brain candy T.V. I planned my day out without one thought to looking at my calendar.  I didn't bother to set my alarm. I snuggled down under my blanket with my cats and slept the morning away. Well until I awoke with my heart pounding and yelling curse words :-)

I can laugh at myself now, as well as kick myself into action to get to days to do list done this evening ;-)

Are you habitually early?
Or are you one of those that make me curse? :-)
Better Yet what would be your worst living nightmare?


  1. I hate being late for anything, Doris :)But don't beat yourself up :)

  2. You know if it had been 10 or 15 minutes late it would have been bad, but 1.5 hours late LOL That was bad!

    Thank goodness the people I work with/ volunteer for know me well. They where more concerned about me being ok then being late. :-)

  3. Oh, I so know how you feel. I drive my hubby mad. If we have to be somewhere, I ask him how long it takes to get there. He says "An hour." I double that and add another hour just in case there's a traffic hold up, a flood, anything.

    Once, my daughter was flying down from Scotland and I sent her a text message to say I'd arrived safely at the airport and was waiting for her. She messaged me back to say the plane hadn't even taken off yet. :)

    I hate, hate, hate being late!

  4. HAHAHAH Shirley! That is so me! :-) So glad I'm not the only one that bad LOL OK maybe I'm not as early as you are LOL but close :-)