Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome? Not this Mom

Definition from
empty-nest syndrome
— n
informal a condition, often involving depression, loneliness, etc,experienced by parents living in a home from which the childrenhave grown up and left.

Maybe I'm cold hearted? Naw I love my kids, I loved being a stay at home mom. I loved molding their young minds. Although I still have day I wonder if I molded them properly. I loved watching them explore and learn about the world. I loved and still love our deep talks about the world, life and love. With that being said, I'm done! I'm ready to move on in my life. I have the opposite of empty-nest syndrome.

Seriously I'm ready for my kids to be adults and move on with their lives. I'm ready to start my life and live it for me not for my family. I spent 19 years of my life being a stay at home mom ( loving almost every minute of it) Most of what I did over that 19 years was for my children. It is time for the husband and I to live life together for us. I don't have one ounce of empty-nest syndrome happening.

Maybe because I started letting go when the boys entered their teens? We started off by going away for one night then later for the full weekend. I started doing things for myself. I volunteered in the schools most of the boys school career, but when they where in high school I was not needed as much. I found things I enjoyed doing for me. I still volunteer a great deal but for things I love doing not strictly for the betterment of my kids. I have gone back to school and loving it.

I'm sure all these things help me not feel depressed and lonely that my kids are moving on in their lives. There is life after children. I just think we as parents need to remember to start changing our lives at the same times our children are. As my boys grew and learned to be adults and become more independent so did I. Part of our job as a parent is to pull back at some point and let the kids start living life with out us hovering. Take that time to explore yourself. Find what you want to be when YOU grow up :-) Even parents that work will have more free time on your hands. Any classes you wanted to take, or hobbies you wanted to take up? The teen years are a great time to start checking in to them. Learn to let go and enjoy your freedom.

I promise there is life after kids... 
Enjoy the journey in to your second life. 

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  1. Agreed. I only have one daughter but I made sure I had a life of my own when she left the nest. I think it makes us strong and independent not hard-hearted. Not sure what my daughter would call it, LOL. :)